Work with me

The women I work with are sassy, strong and smart.

But they made one mistake – they fell in love with an abuser.

They’re sassy – because they wouldn’t shut it.

(It might have gone easier for them if they had.)

They’re strong – because they did what they needed to do to ensure their and their children’s survival.

And they are smart – because they finally left.

But these things that kept them alive and sane and eventually got them out of that relationship, are the very things that are working against them now.

Because they are sassy so is their internal critic and she keeps mouthing off at them.

Because they are strong they keep beating themselves up for having been ‘so weak’ that they became a victim.

And because they are smart they can’t let it go – they keep on going back to try and figure out what went wrong and why.

We go on a journey together and by the time we are finished these wonderful women have reclaimed themselves.

They have rediscovered the truth of who they are and the things that they believe in.

They have remembered what they do and what they don’t like and they stand, fully present, in their power.

They are able to make decisions confidently and they once again trust their own intuition.

I am in awe of these wonderfully amazing, strong and confident women.

To witness their rebirth, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, is truly humbling and inspiring!

I am honoured to work with women like this.