Do you even know that you have to recover?

I remember so clearly the day I finally left. I had my and my children’s clothes packed and we were in the car and headed to where my family were. I left at the beginning of the new year, 3 days before the start of the new school year.

When I got home to my family there were so many things I needed to do.

I needed to find schools for my children – their ages meant each one would be going to a different school.

I need to find money to buy uniforms and school supplies.

I needed to find a place where we could live.

I needed to find money to pay for things like rent and electricity connections and deposits for these things.

I needed to buy furniture and beds for my children to sleep in.

I needed to find money to be able to do these things.

I needed to start divorce proceedings and get a protection order.

But first I must find a lawyer.

And the money to pay a lawyer.

And on and on and on.

I was busy. So busy that I never realised I was broken. I had left my abusive marriage and so now I was going to be ok, right? Wrong.

When you are living in your hell-on-earth relationship, as much as your mind knows that what is happening to you is not normal, the part of you that works at protecting you, starts making you feel like it is. Because that’s how you survive.

And so when you finally leave you don’t know that you need to take time to start recovering. And that recovery is an actual process. You’ll carry on – like I did – until you collapse. Like I did.

And now you have a choice.

You can stumble through the rest of your life on various medications and painkillers – because your body will get sick, make no mistake about it,  anti-depressants – because your heart and soul are wounded, or you’ll self-medicate yourself into alcoholism, obesity or any one of a number of addictive behaviours.

Or you can choose to make a decision and you can start the process of recovery. It’s the difficult option. But it’s also the one that brings the greatest rewards.

Where you will reconnect with the soul of who you are. Where you will stand firm and strong in your power. Where you will be able to embrace your new life, whole, healed and complete. Where even new love is possible.

If this is the option you would choose, and you are ready for your new life, I can help you.

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